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Want to help with our "Wish" list??

Below you'll find a list of things we need here at SOS. Some things are one time donations, others are needed on a daily basis to care for the animals.

One Time Donations - please email or call before obtaining
merchandise to make sure the item has not already been donated

Please note we are a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization, and your donations are 100% deductible.

1. Dan-inject CO2 Pistol Kit Set (complete set). Available from Wildlife Pharmaceuticals
-----(970) 484 - 6267 or www.wildpharm.com. $597.89
2. Gun safe metal and lockable
3. Dan-inject Blowpipe Kit Set (1.8/two piece set). Available from Wildlife
-- --Pharmaceuticals (970) 484 - 6267 or www.wildpharm.com
4. Trailer - to tow 5 X 16 foot cage panels
5. Medical Kit - to include bandages, antiseptic swabs, betadine, nolvasan, gauze, eye -----ointment, scissors, ace bandages, rectal thermometer, etc.

Items needed on an ongoing basis

1. ---Panacur - 22.2% Granules. New sealed containers only
2. ---Ivermectin - new sealed packages only
3. ---Mega C Plus - new packages only - available only at Ortho Molecular Specialties - ------..5-Kilo packages (408) 227-9334
4. ---Disposable Latex Gloves
5. ---Bleach
6. ---Dog Food
7. ---Cage Building Supplies - only Behlin 5X16 foot 4 inch hot dipped galvanized
------ panels and Hog rings

8. -- Mazurik Brand monkey biscuits
9. - -
Garden Hoses
Wood chipper
Balls for the cats (indestructible) Boomer Balls for tigers & lion smaller size for
-------cougars, serval, caracals and wolf/dogs. Can be ordered at www.Boomerball.com

12. Gift Certificates to be used for fundraisers
13. Gift items to be used for fundraisers.
14. Time and some materials donated by a Sheet Metal fabricator, CPA, Tax Attorney,
- ------Patent Attorney, and General Contractor

SOS is always in need of funds for its daily operation. Anyone donating $1,000.00 to SOS will be eligible for 2 free nights at Kathy's Deep Creek Hideaway. Subject to availability and certain restrictions apply. Kathy's Deep Creek Hideaway is pet friendly but a pet fee is required. For more information on Kathy's Deep Creek Hideaway, visit our site eed